2019-2020 $5 Million Preferred “C” Round

 Clinical Trial OUS $2,000,000

–Poland- 15 patients resistant hypertension expand to 30 patients  Start Q3/2019

–Australia- 15 patients resistant hypertension  Start Q4/2019

–Argentina- 10 patients PKD/ESRD expand to 15 Start Q1/2020

Research & Development $1,300,000

–RF generator design and development  Start Q1/2019 Finish Q4/2019

–Catheter contract manufacturer transfer Start Q1/2019 First build Q3/2019

Overhead $1,300,000

–7 employees / 4 key   Start Q1/2019

Intellectual Property $200,000

–Maintain current portfolio

–Additional patents

Regulatory & Reimbursement $200,000

–Consultants - develop strategy –implement strategic industry alliances

Implementation plan