• 50% of all people with high blood pressure don't take their medication
  • No viable alternative
  • 14% of the worlds population has Chronic Kidney Disease
  • 70% of these patients have high blood pressure
  • 50% of these patients go untreated or are resistant
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Verve Solution

The Verve Solution disrupts the afferent nerves in the collecting system of the kidney with a proprietary RF ablation catheter.

By disrupting the nerves with ablation there is an immediate lowering of blood pressure resulting in improvement in kidney and heart function.

Treatment is low risk and can be performed in the office or outpatient setting.  The treatment path is less invasive - natural orifice with no blood contact, urologist friendly.

Treatment duration is less than three minutes.

Total Procedure time is less than twenty minutes


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The Verve Team

The Verve Team is comprised of...

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The Verve Investment

Management of hypertension impacts millions of people and hypertension management has proven to be problematic.

The Verve Solution is a novel approach to managing hypertension.

Preliminary clinical studies demonstrate clinically significant results.  Additional research is necessary to commercialize the Verve Solution.

Be part of the solution.  Help save millions of chronic hypertension patients.

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